This week I did an 18 hour day, something I have not done since I worked in McDonalds years ago. My employer Speedyhire recently bought out Multi Group. With that purchase came some infrastructure, so Wednesday was the day that we went down to Croyden to get them. I was up at 3am, of too the office to meet a coleage and pick up the white van, then down to Croyden (got there at 8am) to dismantle and load up the racks and servers, then we headed up to Nottingham to our data centre to reassemble and plug them in to our network. We arrived in Nottingham at 4pm and didn’t leave there till about 7.30pm. I finally got home at 9.45pm, what a day!

One of the servers a big old dinosaur of a Dell, also seems to have some sort of weird power plug, similar to the normal kettle lead, but bigger and more square. We didn’t get the old plug, and can we find a replacement? Can we balls! Thanks Dell for sticking to standards…..