Did a bit more of the house wiring today. Managed to put a Cat5 cable point into the cupboard under the stairs. The reason for this being is that I want to put a printer in there, the point is working now and I have put my HP Deskjet 840C printer. Though that is to be either joined or replaced by a HP Laserjet 1015 on Christmas Day! The joining or replacing depends on me being able to get a 3 port Jetdirect box.

Today we put up the Christmas Tree, the annual pain in the ass thing we have to do. I keep threatening to buy an inflatable tree, it would be much easier and less hassle! I also made some roasties today, testing for the buffet we are holding over Christmas. I wanted to test the Mango Chutney that I will be using to baste the Turkey in. I cooked the roasites in a bit of the chutney fried with a few onions.

We also got the new RADIUS server working this weekend! Finally after a very long project, the thing is in and working. Initial reports are looking good, and its performing well. Now the user data is in a PostgreSQL database, a whole new world of functionality and integration opens up for us. Thanks to Clockwork Software for all the hard work.