OK, call me a chicken but I had to. After about 3 weeks I have gone back to the stable version of the Ubuntu Linux distro. Over the holidays I decided that I would give the testing version of the distro a go on the basis that the stable one was pretty good, so the testing one wouldn’t be that bad. The first few weeks were no that bad, there were a few minor irritations but nothing I couldn’t work round. I have even submited a few bug reports, but the past week has been really bad. A few things that really hit me bad were Openoffice.org crashing a few times a day, the Wifi card stopping working and running in 800×600 screen res. There is only so much a geek can take, so I have gone back to Warty, I will upgrade to Hoary when its been released propper.

On another note, has anyone ever tried Colonic Irrigation? If so I would apreciate your comments.