Well it has been some time! I really do need to blog more, but being the worlds worst procrastinator I have not done much.

Anyway what have I been up to? Well this last weekend we had a ManLUG meet, a good topic by Dave Fisher of GBDirect about things that are wrong with Open Source. This also led on to a great discussion on LUG’s getting organised and working on some problems / projects. We also had a talk from a chap from the Bolton TIC looking for some assistance with technical things. I suspect there could be some crossover with the 2 subjects, in the fact that the kids at the TIC could work on some Open Source projects!

I have also finally got my ibook back from the repair shop. It had been lying dormant under the bed for ages as I thought it was truly broken. It turned out that there was a general fault with some logic boards in some ibooks, and mine was one of the ones affected and Apple were recalling a load of them (mine being one) and I got it fixed for free. I am running OS X at the moment, I may install Ubuntu at some point, but we shall see.

Work is still interesting, the last weekend I was at our data centre upgrading the RS/6000 to 24gb RAM. We also took the oportunity while the server was down to give the comms cabinet a major tidy up. A few hours and a pile of cables and bay routers later, the cabinet was alot lighter!