I have come to the conclusion that Sales Reps / Account Managers etc are the apendixes of the business world, meaning they are of no use to anyone!

Over the past few weeks I have been in numerous meetings and conferences with various companies that we may by doing business with. In these meetings there is usualy me and a few others from my company and some people from their side namely a techie, some sort of director and the sales rep.

In all these meetings the sales reps have contributed absolutly zero of value. Most of the talking is done by the director and the techie is the one we ask the questions of, but the sales rep does bugger all.

They also all seem to have the same image, namely fake tan and cheesy hairstyle. I guess its some sort of uniform. Even when you ask about pricing they always seem to say ‘I will have to get back to you on that’ so its not as if they are a fount of knowledge on that side.

My view is sack the lot of them, they are a risk to your business. They will say yes to anything, so if you ask the company if their system can do so an so, they will always say yes despite it being imposible for the company. You get more sense out of the techies, they are the people who know the products after all, the sales rep adds no value at all!