Another LUG meeting in Manchester, Installfest this time. So sward and I managed to help someone get Linux up and running on his Palmax. He had previously tried installing Ubuntu by connecting the HDD of it to his desktop, installing it there and then moving it back to the Palmax. This resulted in it crashing when it got to running the init stage, we suspected this was something to do with it having only 32MB of RAM and the ramdisk getting filled up, it expecting to be run on a desktop with decent amounts of RAM.

Anyway with the help of the Debian boot floppies and the MCC net connection, we managed to get Debian Sarge installed. We just did a base install and gave the guy a quick tutorial on apt-get, he went away happy!

While we were helping this guy, Owen played Mark Shuttleworth’s Debconf talk on the projector. Not only was it an interesting talk but I didn’t know there were such videos around, apparently a lot of the Debconf talks were filmed and are now available for download! Cool! That should keep me amused for a bit!