A strange mixed week, a few different things have happened that might be OK to blog about.

  • We got a new carpet! It arrived on Wednesday and we are happy with the result, the colour was a bit of a gamble with the new wall paint, but we think it worked out well

  • I am moving from Zen to Bytemark for my broadband provision. I was due to be disconnected from Zen yesterday on the 28th, but my connection is still active. I think this is because my router keeps the connection up constantly, so they might have removed my entry from their RADIUS servers so if I disconnected and tried to connect again it might fail. But as my current ‘session‘ has not dropped I am still OK.

  • The new bed is due tomorrow! The old one has served us well for the past 7 years and so we think its time for a new one

  • I think we will be moving from Debian Woody to Ubuntu Breezy for our new depot PC image. The reason being we are wanting to have things like nice handling for people plugging in Digital Cameras and more hardware support for the range of PC’s we are now having to support. We could have used Debian Sarge for this, but to get all we wanted we would have had to pinch bits from Etch and Sid. So instead of having a platform that is a patchwork of several different distro’s we have just one single distro to manage. Will this be the largest corporate deployment of Ubuntu yet? It would be interesting to hear of others that have done something similar

  • I was informed by the tax office that my tax code is changing for the worse, meaning Gordon Brown will be getting more out of me! They claim that they didn’t know I was getting the fuel allowance! So UK Plc is taking more money from me and yet my brother over in Canada is being given money from his government! I need to move out of this country!

Interesting week all in all….