Well, back from Sharm-El-Sheik all tanned and burnt. Would I go there again? Yes! Would I stay in the Hilton Sharks Bay? Maybe. Would I use Sinai Dive Club again? Yes!

We flew out on Monday 2nd November, and returned on Monday 8th. The flights were OK, typical Med type shuttle. We flew out at 10am and the return flight we left at 5pm, so they were reasonable times, though on the flight out because we arrived in the evening there it felt like we wasted a day. Our room was nice a clean with a view of the Red Sea, there were no roaches or anything like that which is the main thing. Most days we just chilled out on the hotels private beach, it was really nice and we were in and out of the sea as the snorkelling was amazing there being a reef about 2metres from the shore. I only managed to get 3 dives in on the account of a case of Montezumas Revenge 1/2 way through the week. Though the dives I did were amazing, really loved them. I did 2 shore dives and 1 boat dive.

While I was out there I was sad to hear that Fred Dibnah has passed on. RIP to one of the characters of the past few decades.