Had a good few days as far as geek toy’s go. Yesterday in the usual round of corporate present giving I received a geek knife thing from what really is my favorite supplier! Thanks guys! It is really appreciated.

Then a project that is running at the moment to look at ways that we can give the sales reps ways of getting up to the minute information anytime anywhere on various sales figures etc. So I suggested we try the OQO as a mobile device, accessing the network via GPRS and VPN. It arrived today, and so over Xmas I will be having a fiddle and play with it. I do intend to install Linux at some point.

Anyway for those that are interested here are some pictures…



We are all quite impressed with it so far, if it goes well we could be getting 300+ of these puppies! Though we are yet to trial some other options, probably a Tablet PC or something similar.