Just thought I would do a Christmas post!

It’s been a good day, spent the morning chilling at home, opened my pressies (list to follow), then we went over to Brother-In-Law’s for dinner. A nice roast dinner with local Lamb (very nice!), then after that I crashed on the sofa in front of Men In Black … nice

I also spent some time working on the OQO and tweaking OpenVPN. I wanted to get it so that when you initiate a VPN connection it brings up the GPRS connection via Bluetooth automatically and drops the GPRS when the VPN drops. I wanted a ‘One-Click’ connection experience. This was done by using the xxxx_pre.bat and xxxx_down.bat scripts mentioned in the documentation with OpenVPN GUI, and the Windows rasdial.exe command in those batch scripts.

All in all a nice day, some chilling with some geek action too.

My Presents

  • Stargate Season 6 DVD Boxed Set
  • Apple 60Gb I-Pod
  • Wagamamma Cooking Book
  • Will Young Biography?
  • Star Wars Episode 3 DVD
  • Wooden Back Scratcher
  • Chocolates (Various Varieties)
  • Nice Green T-Shirt
  • Track Suit
  • Lynx Smellies
  • Brylcream Smellies and Hair Dressing

Not3Bad I think….