Happy Christmas! Well its the holidays, I am sitting here with the smell of freshly cooked Turkey (for the buffet tomorrow) watching Queen on the Live Aid DVD I got for Christmas….Lovley!

I also have upgraded to Hoary and it went pretty smoothly. Though there was a little issue, and so I decided to submit my 1st ever bug report! I don’t know whats come over me in the last few months, my linuxness has come on in leaps and bounds!

Last wednesday I was stuck in the longest trafic jam I have ever been in. I had to go up to Scotland for work and the day I went there was a crash on the A74 / M6 which resulted in one massive jam getting out of the car in the fast lane to have a piss is a little strange.

All in all Santa was good to me, got a few DVD’s & some nice bits of clothing, and more chocolate than I know what to do with.