As a geek who likes to keep an eye on what is happening in Canada (would like to move there!) I found this story quite interesting. It seems that the Canadian Green Party want to make it so that Open Source software is the 1st choice of software in public systems. I thought the following statement was very good:

Procurement of systems that require closed licenses or use vendor-specific formats would be used only if no alternative is available,” the 2004 platform said, adding the Green Party would also work to shorten the length of software patents to seven years. “The software business cycle is so fast that longer patents only stifle innovation…

I realise that this initative comes from a marginal political party and could just be done to create news stories, but still they have done it and I am pleased that a political party have stuck their neck out with this subject.

Maybe we should be doing more to raise the Open Source software issue with our local MP’s. Asking them why they are wasting our tax on propriety systems that only serve to line Mr Gates’s (and I don’t mean Gareth!) pockets.

I would love to raise this with the goverment, but wouldn’t know where to start! Do I just go to the local council office and ask to speak to the Head of IT? Or do I go to the local MP’s surgery and present the Open Source case there?

Idea’s on a postcard please (actually just fill in a comment…)