I have just come back from a weeks residential course in Chester, I booked it through GBdirect a few months ago.

It was a course on the PRINCE2 Project Managment methodology and included sitting the 2 PRINCE2 exams, Foundation and Practitioner. It was a great week, I passed the multiple choice Foundation exam on Wednesday with 68 out of 75, then I took the scenario based Practitioner exam later today. Though I won’t know if I passed that for another 6 to 8 weeks.

The week was quite intense, there was loads to take in but the teacher Alan Lloyd was really good and presented the material in an entertaining way.

I am glad it’s over as now I can read a good book without feeling guilty by thinking I should be revising! I also need to work out how I can apply the stuff I learnt to work as they need to feel that they got some value out of paying for me to go on the course. You didn’t think I just did it for my CV did you?!?! ;-)