OK, I need to voice my opinion on some current events.

First the Mohammad / Cartoon / Islam thing. Yes it maybe was bad judgment publishing the cartoons, but to respond by threatening people with extermination, beheading, etc, is just a little excessive!

A note to any Muslims, this kind of response to stuff is not doing your cause any favors! We are often told how kind and tolerant Islam is, then we see scenes like this on the news just put’s your cause back 100 years.

Religious fundamentalism is never a good thing, for any religions, Christians included!

Second the Iran / Nuclear Development thing. Most of us are aware of the old addage

“People in glass houses shouldn’t throw bricks“

If we want Iran to abandon any nuclear development in weapons or energy then we should do the same. When we ask them to give up their nuclear program when we ourselves are talking about expanding our own then we just make ourselves look like fools.

If we continue to pressure Iran in giving up their nuclear program then we are just showing ourselves up to be the worlds biggest Hippocratic!

Thanks for listening!