So today we wander over to the local temple of consumerism that is the Trafford Centre, for a rainy bank holiday wander.

Following the death of our old telly a few months back, we have been half on the lookout for a new one. We have finally decided on (and bought) a 26″ Sony LCD thing, John Lewis had it on at a good price with a 5 Year Warranty on it too, so we snapped it up.

I have spent much of the evening messing with MythTV and ivtvdev to try and get xorg and sound going out via SCART. After several hours of overscan and no sound, I have given up and simply connected the MythTV box to the telly via a VGA cable and a simple jack lead. I am not sure if this is a ‘good’ thing to do, if it will give the best picture or not but it works for now.