I have just got back from the Stereo Graffiti Gig over at The Globe in Glossop

Stereo Graffiti is a Manchester based Podcast by my mate Andy and bunch of his mates, it is a showcase of both local and international music talent. Tonight they did the first ever live gig, with performances from a load of very talented singer / songwriters from the Manchester area

I had not seen Andy for a few years now and it was great to catch up with him and his missus Julie. I had also not been in The Globe for a few years and am glad to see that it has smartened it self up, and it seems to have become a bit of a musical hot-spot, with a great room upstairs for performances and where tongihts gig was held

The performances tonight were amazing, I was really taken back with the quality of the performers, it just goes to show that the music that you see and hear in the charts are a pale reflection of the talent that is out there. And it is amazing that all this was all on my local doorstep here in Glossop!

You all need to head over to Stereo Graffiti and download an episode or two, and check out the great music on there. Also if you are in a band send the Stereo Graffiti team some of your tunes so they can play them on the show, they are always on the look out for good music

Some of my highlights of the night were, Ann English, Lance, Roydan Styles, Darren Poyzer, Room 13, Phil, & there was one other one but I can’t remember his name, I know he was sitting right at the front and reminded me of Shaun Ryder!

It was a great night, I was really glad I went. Next time I am going to try and drag a few more peeps along. It was a great night and thanks need to go to those that organized the night, namely Rae Leeson & Andy Goddard!