This weekend was started and ended by a curry, on Friday a bunch of us from #manlug went out for the monthly Curry. It was a great night, probably the best attendance we have had with a total of 7 of us. The new faces being Ben Higginbottom & Rob Kendrik, alongside us old timers; sward, PerfDave, Ben, pwaring and myself!

It was a great night with everyone enjoying themselves over a great curry. I had some sort of kebab in honey as a starter, with the classic Lamb Tikka Masalla as a main, a safe choice after the disappointing Quail curry of last month. It was really tasty, and I wouldn’t expect less from a place along Manchester’s curry mile.

Then on Sunday night I thought I would go all 70’s retro and have a Vesta Beef Curry, bad choice!! It was bloody awfull, I don’t know if it’s some sort of reconstituted beef that they use but it tastes how I imagine stale dog meat would taste like. The veggies were dire, the only decent thing was the rice. Now I very rarely throw food away, being one of the group of people who have to clear their plate (it doesn’t feel right leaving food), but for this I had to throw if before even getting halfway through the meal.

It you value your stomach and taste, don’t get a Vesta Curry!!!