Yesterday was rather interesting, I took Sammie, a friend of mine who is a major Disney fan down to meet Margaret Kerry in Warwick. For those that don’t know Margaret was the person on who Disney used to model the Tinkerbell character on, not Marilyn Monroe as a popular myth would have us believe.

She was over in the UK to do some appearances. It was fascinating hearing about how she got the job, and all the various people she has worked with. As you watched Margaret talk you could see in her manarisims and the way she held herself that she really had put her stamp on the Tinkerbell character. They had the Peter Pan film showing in one corner of the room and you could see the similarities between the two.

What I also found surprising was that she wasn’t mentioned in the credits! She has only recently started getting the recognition for being the original Tinkerbell, pretty sad in a way, much like the Funk Brother’s story. Why do these corporations not give credit when credit is due?