When I bought my new car, one of the things I intended was to start using Biodiesel in it, for several reasons, one that it is slightly cheaper than regular diesels, another is that it makes me feel a little less guilty about my long drive to work and back especially with regards to the environment.

So when I filled up last week I went to GreenGold Biodiesel in Manchester and filled up on a 5% Blend. After a few days of running in the new car, it seemed to suffer no ill effects, so today I decided to join the Manchester Biodiesel co-op, which now allows me to buy 100% Biodiesel from them. As per their advice though I am not going to start using 100% Biodiesel, I think I will start with maybe a 30% blend and work towards a 50%. The car being a 1999 Passat TDI I think is quite good with Biodiesel, so I think I might eventually go 100%.
The garage also sells some lovley organic snacks and stuff, so thats an incentive to go in too!