This weekend I popped down to Plymouth to see a friend of mine. On the Saturday we drove over into Cornwall to visit the Eden Project, I have been meaning to go for years and so decided it was time.

I loved it, it is amazing, its big, its hot (especially in the tropical biodome). We got there about 12ish and stayed until 6, though we could have done the whole day. We spend a lot of time taking slow walks round the biodomes, and just chilling out. We also spent some time in The Core, the museem type thing. I loved the chamber in the middle with the amazing acoustics!

I will definatally go back, I would love to go to one of the ‘Eden Sessions’, though not sure when, with baby on the way! It’s a great place and just seems to have a good vibe about the place.

When we were there there was a food festival on, with food producers from the South-West all showcasing their wares. I picked up some loveley chocolate with chilli from the South Devon Chilli Farm, and some amazing Flamenco Salsa from Halzephron Herb Farm.