Well it’s been over a month now in my new job, all is going reasonably well. I do think I still have a slight ‘rabbit in the headlamps’ thing about me, as its a steep learning curve.

This is quite different from my previous job, as it’s a much more mature IT Department. It is structured ITIL like, and so there is lots of procedure and documentation, as is needed in an IT department of such size. I no longer get called at the weekend when someone can’t login, it just all gets sorted by someone else! I must say I don’t miss the IT support side of the job.

The current thing is preparing the IT budget for next year, as the Technical Architecture Manager I have a big input on this. So I am currenty writing lots regards what I want to spend next year and why. Everything needs a business justification, which can be sometimes tricky given the technical nature of some projects. Still it’s all good experience, and quite interesting.