Just want to say what a fabulous place I think Speakers Corner is.

I was in London to meet up with a few friends, and Sunday afternoon I had a few hours to kill, so after a great meal at Bodeans I wandered over to Speakers Corner, I had not been for years.

When I lived in London I often used to go here as it is great place, I loved all the livley debate. There is quite a community there, and you can see that a lot of the Speakers there are on 1st name terms with the other Speakers and some of the hagelers. The debate is fantastic, and it can get quite heated, but it is all taken with a pinch of salt.

I had a great debate with a Christian preacher, I was arguing that his faith is on a shaky foundation, as it is based on beleif in the Bible, a book compiled and mangled by the Catholic Church for it’s own ulterior motives. He also said that because our current calender is counted from the time of Jesus birth, then that is evidence of Jesus existance and divinity!!!