So the baby is on it’s way, Julie is in Labour and we are both tired.

As we went to bed on Friday night (27th Oct) she was complaining of the baby pushing on more nerves than usual. Over the past few weeks the pressure on nerves in her pelvis had been increasing, but Friday night it was being a little bit more of a sod than usual. But we didn’t think much of it even though baby was due the day before on the 26th.

Next thing I knew, I was being prodded awake by Julie at 6am on Saturday morning with the imortal words ‘Mark I think its starting’. It is now nearly 10am on Sunday morning and I have had about 3 hours sleep since then. She had a ‘show’ on the Saturday morning at about 2am and had been getting pains in her lower back about every 10 minutes, thats what made her think it had started.

So the baby is not hear yet, but it has been quite a ride so far. We called the hospital on Saturday but they kept fobbing us off saying that they didn’t even think Julie was in labour, they were saying that she merley had a trapped nerve as the pain was in her lower back not her belly. That didn’t seem right to me, the fact that the pains were rythmic and there was a show seemed like labour to me. It really confused us as we were doubting ourselves that we really were in labour.

It eventually got too much, they had reccomended taking baths and some paracetamol or cocodonol, I had to run out at midnight and grab some paracetamol from the garage, but that didn’t help at all. So I eventually at 5am Sunday morning took her to the hospital, as I wanted them to see her in person. After some prodding and poking they confirmed she was having contractions, in labour and was 2cm dilated!

So they gave us some hospital strength cocodonol and sent us home. Thats where we are at the moment, I have dragged the mother-in-law over so that she can sit with Julie while I grab some sleep, and the cocodonol is taking the edge of the pain.

Like I said it’s a ride, the worst thing was last night when were were not sure if we were in labour or not, but now we know it makes things better somehow.

Anyway, just needed to blog to get it out, I am really exited.

More news later!!!