Ever since I got broadband, many years ago (must be 5+ years) I have been meaning to set something up so I can monitor the house while I am away, using some sort of webcam / webserver type setup. I have never really got round to doing anything with it. For various reasons, maybe one of them being that there was no obvious solution / package on how to do this.

So listening to a recent Linix Link show, they were interviewing Philip Coombes, the project leader of something called ZoneMinder, which is bascially a GPL’ed CCTV / Site Security package. It allows you to setup a bunch of cameras, which then feed their output into a database. You then have a PHP Front End to that database, that allows you to review feeds, watch live feeds, move the cameras (if they have that facility) and all sorts of things that you would expect from any decent CCTV system.

What a cool project! So I think when I have some spare time soon I shall be installing this onto the house server / myth box. Might be worth a ManLug talk at some point too.