So it seems that Intel are stepping up their SL activity, no doubt prompted by Lindens revelations (about 1/2 way down the page) that they made extensive use of AMD processors (though now they are moving to intel).

So I went looking last night for Intel’s Devzone, and that took some time, I eventually had to IM Gadget Mandelbrot and get him to teleport me there. When I got there it turned out that I was late for the European launch and too early for the North American one (blame 7 month old Niamh for that).

Intel SL 1

Still there were a few people there and I got chatting to them. Apparently the idea is to create an environment for people to collaborate on various development projects, both for SL and RL. A bit like Google’s Summer of Code and Sourceforge (but more Fun ;-)). So I will continue to keep an eye open and monitor progress. Apparently a MP3 of the launch will become available at some point, so I will grab that when its released.

Intel SL 2

I quite liked the architecture of the place, very 70’s and Tracey Island!