Just got back from Lugradio Live 2007, I was only there for today (Sunday 8th), so a few highlights for me

  • The chance to catch up with old friends, great to see you all!
  • Pablo’s talk on the migration to a Linux Desktop by a Spanish Savings Bank, as an Enterprise Architect in RL, its good to see how other people approach these things
  • Neuro’s bit in the Hour of Power around SL, and it was cool to chat to him about his thoughts on SL
  • The Neuros Audio thing was very cool. I may take up the offer of a Lugradio Discount
  • Some KDE bits, it has given me the push needed to give KDE another go

All in all it was a great day, I only wish I could have been there for the whole weekend! So a big hand to the Lugradio team and all the people who made it possible!