So after reading the Metaversed post, I thought I would have a wander over to the Scout Jamboree SL Island. Being a Scout myself many years ago I had a sort of slight interest.

It seems the island is being funded by the Scouting Association, but most of the build is being done by Ynot Fenua, a Cub Leader from Suffolk. I managed to catch up with him while he was in the middle of building a replica of the RL Jamboree Clock Tower. It seem’s he has done all the building on the island, apart from some boats. I was quite impressed with the build, while not a Rivers Run Red, or Melting Dot’s, I like the layout. As I said to Ynot, it compels you to explore, which is a good thing I guess.

Scout 1

Scout 2

It also has a nifty fairground ride type thing, you know those ones where you sit in them and they just shoot you straight up in the air. What he did say is that there is quite an issue at the moment in Scouts, where they are woefully short of leaders, and this is one of the attempts at getting leaders interested. I would be happy to help out but my hands are full at the moment still getting used to being a father!