I wrote this a few weeks ago intending to post it then, but life has moved on and its not really cutting news now. But still it might be of interest to some.

So I have been joining in the excitement of the developments over at Eolous One and the revolutionary work and development that they are doing with SL / RL integration (I even managed to become an extra in a Machinima by Suzi). Anyway myself along with others feel that this is great leap forward, and is the start of some real cool developments in SL and Virtual Worlds in general. Though talking to other people I get the feeling that they don’t truly grasp the significance of the development, and so I have been thinking of some parallels to illustrate the point.

The easiest one for me to grasp is likening it to the Web, back in the early 90’s when the web was in it’s infancy, most websites were html based affairs. A few sites had some cgi-bin scripting (usually in Perl) that allowed people to submit forms, etc. And while it still provided for a leap forward from Gopher and the BBS systems people were used to, looking back on our perspective now with Web 2.0 and everything it was pretty basic and un-exiting. Then a few sites started linking websites to backed databases with scripting languages such as PHP, ASP, Perl etc. This greatly revolutionized the web with sophisticated websites that could change content dynamically based on what the database has on you. They then progressed to becoming front ends for various tools such as E-Mail systems, Network Monitoring, Business Intelligence, and with the advent of Web 2.0 productivity apps like Spreadsheets and Wordprocesors. This was a evolution from the old world where websites were websites, client – server apps were client – server apps, and men were men.

This is what the next generation of SL build will take us, the maturing of the 3d internet. I remember reading William Gibsons cyberpunk books years ago and remember imagining what it would be like. I think SL is the closest thing we have to that vision.