So, still on holiday here in sunny(ish) Cornwall.

It’s been good, loved playing on the beach with Niamh. We had a great meal today at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall, a nice starter of local mackerel on potato salad, with a main of pulled pork citrus pasta. Julie and Niamh had roast lamb on lumpy mash. We also had the most delicious home made Dandelion and Burdock, as well as some homemade herbal cola.

Also did a fascinating trip yesterday to Portcurno which as well as having the most fabulous beach, it also where a whole bunch of international communication cables have come ashore since 1870. There is a great museum detailing the history of it all. It is staffed by a bunch of volunteers, many of whom trained there as old Cable & Wireless engineers, they keep a lot of the old kit working and are obviously in there element.

Made me wonder, what will I do in my retirement, help out in a museum maintaining antique computer kit?

Anyway the pictures can be found at….