Random musing mode here, so a challenge I am currently facing here is a dependence between a OS image on a estate of legacy hardware. We can’t upgrade the hardware because the OS will not support newer hardware, and we can’t upgrade the OS because the newer OS won’t support the older hardware, so we are at a sort of impasse.

When you virtualise a OS image, what it gets presented to it with some virtualisation technologies is a bunch of virtual hardware. So you can move that OS image onto another bit of hardware running the virtualisation software with no changes to the OS image regards drivers or anything. This potentially has fantastic benefits in reducing long-term TCO, and also greater freedom with hardware vendors.

If you virtualised the desktop, and just run one image per desktop, you don’t get the benefits of consolidation from the virtualisation but you do get independence from hardware vendors, which certainally to me in my current situation would be great.

Anyway, I may explore this concept further…..