Even though this is probably being blogged about loads, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. Good friend of mine and metaverse evangelist Aleister Kronos, has just blogged about the recent announcement by Linden Lab that they intend to collaborate with IBM and others on further developing 3d Internet technology, specifically Second Life.

Some of the issues that they have specifically said they intend to work on are things that many consider to itches that really need scratching if SL is to become more acceptable to the masses. One of the things on my list is the platform stability, the current situation where a sim can only take approx 40 users at one time is a real limiter IMHO.

This was hinted at last month in an interview with Zero Linden on Dizzy Banjo’s blog. Though I must admit I didn’t think there would be any movement on this for some time yet. I am glad to be proven wrong! Though realistically when the fruits of this collaboration will eventually filter down is anybody’a guess.

Add that to the another announcement from SL consultancy and builders Electric Sheep, that they are releasing the first non-Linden commercially backed SL viewer, calling it the OnRez viewer.

Things are really hotting up in the metaverse!