First a disclaimer, I am not a Ugly Betty fan, all my knowledge of the show is from my wife who is a fan! Now we have got that straight we can continue.

So taking the lead from AK’s post about the recent entry of ‘The Office’ into Second Life, one of Dwight’s favorite places in Second Life was listed as The Griffin Business Center, which appears to be a place people can rent for meetings etc.

There appears to be some advertising in there for ‘MODE Modeling and Designing Agency’, in the form of a poster. If you click on the poster you get a notecard from someone called Wilamina Laville asking for SL models. Now for those that are fan’s of Ugly Betty will recognize MODE as the fictional agency that Betty works at, with Wilamina being a character in the show who is one of the ‘bosses’ of said agency.

SL Ugly Betty

This may be nothing more than a Ugly Betty fans’ SL shrine to the show, or it could be the start of another SL – TV Show tie in. Who knows!?! There deffo seems to be a few happening recently, all from various US networks, maybe it’s a case of lots of bandwagon jumping, which is a good thing for the population of SL, even if it does leave me scratching my head on what’s in it for the TV show concerned!