Following on from a hot tip, I wandered over to the Canada Post opening event in SL. Apart from being a cracking good concert featuring a bunch of Canadian Artists the sim itself is quite good.

Basically as part of their launch in SL, Canada Post claim to assembled the largest collection of RL retailers on one SL sim ever. Not sure if this can be verified, but thats the claim. I counted…

Brookstone, Lockbook Cafe, Red Canoe, The Shopping Channel, Sears, Sky Mall, Everything Olive, Toys R Us & Canada Post.

So 9 Retailers in total, which is not bad going, I am told that The Hudson’s Bay Company are also there, but I am buggered if I could find them. Canada Post, like Telus before them don’t seem to have their own island but a sim on the mainland, which I guess is a reasonable 1st step into SL. The architecture of the sim itself is OK I guess, though they have gone the route of recreating RL buildings in SL, which is not to everyone’s taste (including mine).

Canada Post Launch Gig

The concert was good, and is still going on at time of writing.