This is a ‘Dear Lazyweb’ call….

The other day I had a bit of a clear out of the loft, I made good progress and managed to shift quite a bit of kit. Whilst clearing out I managed to find various bit’s and pieces that I have not seen for some time. One of the this I found was my 1st computer, a Sinclair Spectrum 48k the rubber key’s version, finding it gave me some pause for thought.

That thing, a present from my Mum and Dad in my early teens really gave me a lot. As well as years of enjoyment, playing such classics as Jet Set Willy, and Sabre Wulf & The Hobbit, gave me a taste for computing that put me where I am now, in a good career that I enjoy and food on my table!

So in honor of that pivotal machine, I am looking to frame it. I am thinking a wooden case with a glass / perspex front, with the Spectrum sitting in some sort of recessed material like felt, velvet, foam etc. Anyone know where I would get such a thing? I guess it would have to be custom made, or is there an online market for such things?