Just thought I would add my 2p to the world of comments regarding the announcement that Phillip Rosedale is stepping aside as CEO of Linden Lab, creators of the Second Life virtual world.

I think this is a good thing, Second Life and Linden Lab has seen phenomenal growth over the past few years, and few could disagree that SL has become the leading Virtual World and the one that all others are measured against. As Virtual Worlds are in their infancy SL has been at the leading edge regards the technology, and whilst there is still some way to go, it is now of a size and popularity that stability and service delivery are more important than implementing new features.

The reason I think it’s a good thing is that whilst Phillip has done a fantastic job of building this ship and getting it out of the dock, it needs someone with a different skillset to keep the ship steady in the stormy ocean that is delivering a stable service.

This does not mean that Phillip is leaving Linden Lab, just moving to be Chairman and focus on strategy and vision rather than CEO. I expect he will still be the man to be the spokesperson and do the rounds of conferences and speaking assignments too.