Prompted by a mail emergency yesterday, I needed ssh access to the outside world from my current assignment. I am on a network that only allows outgoing http and https connections.

After some digging, I stumbled across a useful service that allows you to essentially ssh from a webpage. I guess they use some sort of ajaxy java magic to encapsulate a ssh client. I know there are questions to be asked of the security of such a service, but it was an emergency and got me out of a hole.

One of the things it did allow me to do, was to ssh to my colo box, and join #manlug via irssi, and I got talking to rjek who said I should try ssh’ing to port 443, through the work proxy. Now I am sure I had tried this before without success, but still I thought I would give it a go. I set my colo sshd to listen on 443, configured putty to use the on-site proxy, and connect to my colo on port 443, and lo-and-behold it worked!

So I am now a happy bunny, with a few options for getting out to the world. I have since discovered corkscrew and also putty with file based config storage (rather than in the registry). Which is nice.