Last night I had the opportunity to see Richard Stallman speak, he was in Manchester speaking at an event arranged by the Manchester Free Software Group.

I had seen Richard speak previously at FOSDEM a few years ago, but as the opportunity to see him doesn’t come up very often, especially on my doorstep I thought I had better go.

Richard spoke on Free software in general, first talking about the 4 Freedoms and why they are important, then onto the history of the GNU Operating System and also a little on Digital Restrictions Management. After that he took questions from the audience in his own distinctive style ;-). He also an introduction to the Church of EMACS, which drew lots of laughter from the audience.

It was a really enjoyable night, so thanks to all the people who worked hard behind the scenes to organize the event. I came away with renewed respect for Richard and his views, I hope he continues as he is for many years to come.