So I am sitting writing this at my brothers computer in Edmonton, Julie is doing some last minute panic-packing and Niamh is in the land of nod, we end our 2008 Canadian Holiday.

It has been rather good, I have managed to kick someones screen door off (I didn’t see it, honest!), cast a spell over my brothers computer so that the PSU gave up the ghost just as I started using it, he DVD player also went on the blink when we arrived. We nearly lost the camcorder, and also Niamh took her first tumble down the stairs (pride hurt more than anything).

Despite all the excitement, we have had a great time, its been good to be here with family. To let Niamh get to know her cousin’s Noah and Colby a bit more, as well as her Uncle and Aunty. This is also the longest continuous time I have spent with her, so thats a good thing too.

We spent a few days up in the mountains in Banff at the start, and spent the rest of the time in Edmonton. Where we spent most days at West Edmonton Mall, as Niamh loved the free rides at Galaxyland, and also the world waterpark there.

Anyway if anyone is interested there is a flickr photoset.