So having a number of chats with various people about what we would like to see in a corporate twit platform.

Following from a blog post by friend and colleague Mr K, I have been thinking, could we build something?

That naturally progresses to, what do we want to build, how would we build it, and with what would we build it?

Addressing the first question, could we build it? The answer is of course yes, it’s just software and assuming we have a sensible set of requirements and some clever bod’s anything is possible.

The second question is what do we want to build, is possibly the tricky one. Why not just use Twiter? Well essentially my problem with that is that it is a hosted service, and for any corporate having potentially private and sensitive company info hosted on a server outside it’s control is just simply a no-go. Also on the privacy aspect, your company tweets could appear in the public tweet list.

So what do we want?:

  • Ability to ‘follow people’
  • Ability to create groups, and also to follow groups
  • Ability to search posts, both all and people you are following
  • Options for backend auth (LDAP, AD, OpenID)
  • Logging, so all posts can be logged
  • Ability to post and read by various means, IM, Web, SMS, etc
  • Scalability, this should be able to scale to corporations of 100,000+ users

So with with what should we build it, given the requirements above, could this be done with the LAMP stack? Or do we need a proper daemon written in C? Not being a developer, I don’t know these things. My guess is that LAMP could do all the above, though the scalability requirement might be tricky (or not!)

Anyway I am throwing these thoughts out to the ether, feel free to comment, volunteer to do it, or just shoot me down