So this weekend has been one of thinking about refreshing some of my technical kit. First we had a visit to the Trafford Centre on Saturday and I took the opportunity to have a look at the G1 Google Phone in the T-Mobile Shop.

Was I impressed, to be honest on a touchy feely point of view, not much! From a UI angle, I still think the iPhone has the edge. In particular the finger gestures, pinch to zoom in etc. What I do like is the ability to sync Google Calenders, Contacts, Mail over-the-air. But I knew that without seeing one in the flesh. I was not that impressed with handset, if you can get a HTC Kaiser with Android then that would be my ideal. So despite all that, I will be moving to a Google phone, though when my iPhone contract expires, hopefully by that point there will be a few more handsets to choose from and any current bugs have been ironed out.

Then on Sunday evening, i decided to have some surfing time on the Macbook. And when I opened it the right hand 1/3 of the screen was all garbled. It looks like someone has stood on the laptop and broken the screen at that point. It still fires up and you can see some of the screen but from a usability point of view it is buggered. As to the culprit, we have our suspicions….

As Julie tends to use that one during the day she is now without a laptop. I don’t want to shell out for a new MacBook, as the next Mac I want is a PowerMac. But I think we will get some sort of netbook, prefrably with Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it. The current favorite is a MSI Wind, though that may change if there is one with an OEM Ubuntu.

So an expensive weekend, though both purchases can wait for a few months, and they are arguably optional.