OK not posted for ages, blame life, kids, work and apathy!

Recently I needed to install Windows (XP) on my main laptop an IBM x60s, as I needed to use a program that to my knowledge has no Free software equivalent on any platform. The program is Mixmeister Express, and I use it for creating various mixes for various shows that Julie is involved in.

Now the main reason for this post is not to moan about the lack of a Free Software Mixmeister (though if you know of one let me know!), but I just want to list my favourite Free Software for Windows programs.

Now and then I get asked to help setup someone computer, or even in for my own reasons install Windows. I find myself installing the same set of standard applications, all Free. So if you *have* to use Windows, have a look at this list, there should be no surprises there.

So that’s my standard lot for making Windows a more comfortable place, a lot of those are also available in portable format, so you can run them from a USB stick. I also realize that a few of those are not Free as in Freedom, but at least you are not having to shell out.