So yesterday I received a sales call, not a surprise as I get lots of them each day. But this time I was pleasantly surprised to discover that is was from Sirius IT, for those that don’t know Sirius are probably one of the more successful FOSS consultancy firms here in the UK. Having been around the Linux community since 1996 I have been aware of the good work they have done, and the growth they have enjoyed.

Unfortunately I couldn’t give them much work, as my current client is pretty much well served by a big outsourcing deal with Capgemini. Though I was pleased to tell the chap that they already use a significant amount of FOSS in the IT estate, and find it works very well thank you.

What encouraged me about this call was just that it indicated Sirius IT was growing into a serious contender in the UK IT industry. They have obviously started this cold-calling strategy to win business, and I hope it works from them. It certainly makes a change to hear a company calling and specifically mentioning Open Source software. In the current climate, I really think FOSS has a lot to offer business in the UK, and hopefully initiatives like this from Sirius will do a lot to make that happen.

So well done Sirius IT, I hope to send some business your way in the future, maybe not with the current client but maybe another one.