Probably a number of you reading this will now have seen the announcement at Google I/O about the new product from the makers of Google Maps, what they are calling Google Wave.

What Google Wave is attempting to do its effectively re-invent E-mail, they asked themselves, what would E-Mail look like if it was invented today? The answer is something that looks like the lovechild of Gmail, Wiki, SubEthaEdit, Twitter, and Sharepoint. I think it could catch on.

As someone who makes his daily bread in the very conservative world of corporate IT, I can’t see it making inroads here (which is a shame), though the fact that Google are releasing the code and allowing people to host their own web-servers might make that interesting, especially with the federation aspect of the protocol.

I for one can’t wait to give it a test go, and I may even deploy it in some of my clients, if it grows in maturity.

Well done Google (again)